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Dr.Sudhir Giri

Dr. Sudhir Giri

Hon'ble Chancellor

“There are very few people on this planet who live for the society but they always do their sincere, hard work and continuous efforts in the contribution of building the community and service to the nation.”

The "Affordable education and health care for all” initiative was launched by Dr Sudhir Giri with the objective of providing access to quality education and health care in India. It has impacted the lives of more than 5,00,000 underprivileged children and adults during the last one decade. I welcome you to join SVU and explore the exciting world of continuous learning, creativity and innovation. The SVU strives to unfold the full creative potential, latent in every individual with an aim of producing holistic professionals, synthesizing conventional and modern thinking with global outlook and having capability of adapting to changing requirement. SVU retains the significance of“Gurukul”, simultaneously encourages the student to stay connected to the world. We are pleased to have supported so many students from across the nation to progress to top into rewarding careers of their choice. Our dedicated faculty & dynamic students are highly valued members of our local community, demonstrating dedication to academic study and involvement in wider campus life. “Inequalities in access to education & healthcare, income, gender justice, wealth, social inclusiveness etc have been reflective in the development of rural India. These tormenting factors have been inciting a different line of thought in the mind of Dr Giri, who began his journey with the motto of “AFFORDABLE EDUCATION & HEALTH CARE FOR ALL”.
Dr. Sudhir Giri
Hon'ble Chancellor
Shri Venkateshwara University, Gajraula

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Awards & Achievements

Dr Sudhir Giri, while realizing his mission, received many national & international Awards and at visit "Dr Sudhir Giri Received Awards"

  • International Brilliance Educationist of the Year Award 2022
  • The Most Trusted University Award 2022 Excellence in Higher Education
  • Excellence Health Care Award 2022
  • India’s Real Hero Award 2021
  • Asia Pacific Excellence Award 2021
  • Mahamahim Rajyapal Award 2021
  • Global Peace & Value Education Excellence Award 2021
  • International Glory Man of the Year Award 2021
  • 10th NEA National Education Award
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Shikshak Award 2020
  • Medical Excellence Award 2021
  • Real Hero in Education Industry
  • Seva Samaj Award
  • Centre for Education Growth and Research “Best University for Industry Interface 2018”
  • Centre for Education Growth and Research “Edupreneur of the Year 2018”
  • 11th International Seminar in 2017 BY INDIAN HABITAT CENTRE
  • Award for Outstanding And Exemplary Contribution To Education And Skill in 2017 BY Global Education & Skill Summit “10th NEA – National Education Award”
  • “Edupreneur of the Year 2017” FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO NATION in 2017
  • World Education and Skill Conclave “Best University in North India for Industry Interface 2017”
  • A letter of appreciation in 2016 by Amroha Press Club - WELFARE SOCIETY
  • Edupreneur of the Year Award in 2016 by CENTRE FOR EDUCATION GROWTH AND RESEARCH
  • School of Educators 2012 for an Outstanding University
  • Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore Award in 2003 Avantika Samman